November 7, 2007

On My Birthday, My Wish For You All

Mocha, Rachel Vassel, Malinda Williams

The older you get, you tend to be more reflective of where you are and where you are going.

When we started this venture of promoting books and authors of color via various media platforms including television and web format alot of people told us we were wasting our time. In fact BLACK television in the Washington Area told us that “there was no market”. I took that to mean that black people dont read, so why should we celebrate these authors. That made us pursue this idea even more.

In my former life, I worked for a national bookstore chain planning author events. I saw personally that in Downtown Chocolate City the African American Fiction section was done away with, taken apart. The only part that remained was a “History Section” which was shared with the “Women’s History” shelves.

On every level the signs pointed to “no success”, “black people dont read”, “there will be no market”

Well today, I am so happy to say that as you know, the market is alive and well. Always live your dreams, follow your passions, do what you were brought on this earth to do. As long as you keep living, breathing, and doing your life’s work, “your gifts will make room for you” as the Bible says.

I want to thank all of the Authors who continue to write such beautiful books, all of the publishers who print them, and all of the publicists, marketing directors, bloggers ect who help create awareness about the books we love so much.

God Bless You and I look forward to working with you!


October 1, 2007

Alek Wek In The Cafe with Mocha

On Wednesday September 19th I had the utmost pleasure of hosting Ms. Alek Wek In the Café. We had a wonderful chat discussing her latest project “Alek, From Sudanese Refugee to International Supermodel. She was everything I hoped she would be, poised, witty, and very sharp. It was refreshing to speak with someone who lives such a privileged life, but still manages to be so down to earth and humble. Perhaps it is her memory of where she is coming from that keeps her grounded, or quite likely her vision of where she is going.

This Supermodel, Entrepreneur, Designer and now Author was simply radiant as she shared with us her humble beginnings, her love of family and the importance of following your own path. “Don’t let nobody tell you that you cant do something”, she said as she recalled being turned down for numerous jobs in her early years of modeling. She also spoke of having a meager “go-see” wardrobe while the other new models in the agency received wardrobe stipends to go to their appointments. To all of the hardships that she overcame, she credits having a strong family and great friends. “I don’t walk around thinking, oh I’m so beautiful and oh I’m so brilliant. That would be silly, I am just me and I am using my voice to help others and to make a difference”.

But beautiful and brilliant you are Ms. Alek and the pleasure was all ours. To see the Interview in its entirety please go to http://www.theoraclegroup.net and click on Book of the Month

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